"Life is a journey... start yours with good planning."

"Life is a journey... start yours with good planning."

Elder Law

Elder Law is the legal practice which integrates legal issues which affect elders, the disabled, and their families. Elder Law attorneys take a holistic approach to navigating the legal, medical, and financial issues that arise later in life. We provide for your planning needs as well as crisis planning. Elder Law is not just for the elderly. Rather, it is the practice of law for clients of all ages who are interested in going beyond traditional estate planning which is death focused, to planning that goes beyond and deals with the social and emotional aspects of life planning in addition to traditional estate planning. These include areas of illness, disease, disability, and injuries, in addition to end-of-life matters, and the impact they have on daily living.

Probate & Estate Planning

Probate may be necessary in matters of guardianship, conservatorship, and administering the estate of a decedent. Guardianships are proceedings to appoint a person to make decisions for an individual who can no longer make informed medical or placement decisions. Conservatorships are proceedings to appoint a person called a Conservator to protect the assets of someone who is unable to manage their money and assets due to infirmity, illness, or decline. Probate is also necessary to administer a Last Will and Testament when someone dies or to distribute property when someone dies without a Will. Estate Planning is the lifetime planning process used to transfer ones estate upon their death. It may involve the preparation of a will, trust, beneficiary designations, powers of appointment, real estate ownership, durable financial power of attorney, durable medical power of attorney, gifting, tax considerations, and other planning tools.

Special Needs

Special Needs planning is working with families of children and loved ones with special needs. We assist families resolve their unique legal and financial planning issues. At the heart of planning is making sure your loved one does not lose their public benefits and entitlements such as Supplement Security Income (SSI) and Medical Assistance (Medicaid). We also plan so that your loved one continues to receive the same level of care when you are no longer able to provide it. Important in this process is maximizing their quality of life while fostering independence.

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November 16, 2017
posted at 9:02 am
SSI Increase in 2018
The Social Security Administration announced that SSI payments will increase 2 percent in 2018. That’s the biggest year-over-year jump since 2012 when monthly benefits went up by 3.6 percent. With the change, over 8 million SSI beneficiaries will receive larger payments starting Dec. 29. The raise will take effect beginning in read more
July 18, 2017

, AL,
Client Forum
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February 12, 2017

NMU Great Lakes Rooms
1401 Presque Isle Avenue, Marquette MI, 49855
Chocolate Festival
One in Five people live with a disability. Please support SAIL --- Disability Network of the Upper Peninsula in their effort to help our neighbors with disabilities. SAIL services 15 UP Counties, helping communities be more accessible and inclusive and helping others find the right information and support. For tickets or more learn more